Address: Bridge St, Brecon LD3 8AF, United Kingdom

Christ College, Brecon is a co-educational, boarding and day independent school


※ クライストカレッジ・ブレコン校の日本事務所としての業務およびサポート業務を行っております。




International pupils 国際色豊かな学生たち

There are currently over 60 International Pupils at the School, from more than 15 countries across the globe. Each of these pupils brings something individual to the School, but all serve to open all our eyes and minds to the wider world, enriching our community and increasing our knowledge of and respect for other cultures: we are delighted and privileged to welcome them here.


EAL  [English as a Additional Language]

All international pupils are offered English tuition on their arrival at Christ College: these lessons are free in the first year. In the Lower School there are four timetabled lessons per week and in the Sixth Form pupils have three lessons per week in addition to their four AS subjects.

クライスト・カレッジでは、海外からの留学生全員に向けて、英語の特別授業を提供しています(初年度無料)。ASレベルの4教科に加え、中等学校の下級部(Lower School)では週4時間、高等部(Sixth Form)では週3時間の授業時間数をそれぞれ予定しています。


Host Families ホストファミリー

All Overseas Pupils who live more than a 2 hour flight from the UK are required to have a Guardian based in the United Kingdom. Parents or agents may choose to appoint such guardians and register them with us as part of the entry process to the School, or they may take advantage of the school’s own Host Family Scheme, which places pupils with local host families. Further information is available on the school’s website.



Introduction  本校について

Christ College is one of the UK’s most ancient schools and was founded by Royal Charter in 1541 by King Henry VIII. Christ College is set in a stunning location in the Brecon Beacons National Park – one of the most beautiful areas in the UK. Christ College is an increasingly popular choice both with parents and with their sons and daughters as it is a school that offers high academic standards and real personal development in a warm friendly environment. ‘The Good Schools Guide’ and ‘Best Schools UK’ recommend Christ College highly.

クライスト・カレッジ・ブレコン校は、イギリスで最も古い学校の1つで、1541年、勅許の下でヘンリー8世により創設されました。英国で最も風景明媚な場所の1つであるブレコンビーコンズ国立公園内の素晴らしい環境に位置しています。高い教育水準を提供するだけでなく、学生への配慮が行き届いた、心のこもった環境で自己啓発を促していく本校は、父兄間のみならず、そのご子息の間においても、人気の選択肢として注目を浴びています。それを裏付けるべく、「The Good Schools Guide」や「Best Schools UK」が本校を高く評価しています。

Christ College takes an active approach to pastoral care and pupil welfare. Indeed this is the foundation of all we do at the school. Our aim is to provide facilities, opportunities, and experiences that will enable all pupils to develop high standards in all personal qualities: sensitivity to others in a civilised community of gender, race, or creed; high moral standards, and a strong sense of citizenship.



Admissions & Fees 入学案内&学費

Christ College has been welcoming pupils from around the world for many decades. We pride ourselves on being a warmly multi-national community that woks hard to integrate all the overseas pupils.


International students should sit Entrance tests and papers in English and Mathematics in order to assess their ability to cope with academic study in English. School reports from their current school are also required. Applicants can sit the tests at their current school or by arrangement with the agent acting on behalf of the pupil, providing there is appropriate supervision.


Pupils are usually interviewed by a representative of the school in their own country, or by the Head or Director of Studies on Skype.


Fees 学費

Full boarding fees: 完全寄宿費用:

Year 7 & 8:
Termly: £6701 Annual: £20,103 :7年生& 8年生:学期ごと:£6701、年間:£20,103

Years 9 – 11:
Termly: £8,563 Annual: £25,689: 9−11年生:学期ごと:£8,563、年間:£25,689

6th Form:
Termly: £8,994 Annual: £26,982: 高等部:学期ごと:£8,994、年間:£26,982

Academic life 学校生活

Central to the school’s aims is the promotion of academic excellence and we take pride in a sustained record of success at GCSE and A level. We are particularly strong in the core subjects of Mathematics, English and the Sciences, as well as in the Creative Arts. Almost all pupil go on to their first choice UK university.


This year’s A level results were excellent: overall 72% of grades were A* – B, and in Maths, Further Maths, and Physics this figure was around 80%. In Art, RS, Spanish, and History 100% of grades were A* – B.

今年のAレベルの結果は、大変素晴らしいものでした。全体の72%がA* – Bを獲得し、数学と高等数学、物理学においては、80%という高い数値を記録、さらに芸術、宗教学、スペイン語、歴史学では、100%の学生がA* – Bという好成績を達成しました。

The results achieved by our International Pupils in their mainstream external examinations are excellent, with students going on to study at some of the best universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, and UCL. Indeed, in the last 10 years an average of one pupil from overseas each year has gone on to study for a degree at Oxford or Cambridge.


All pupils at the school have a personal Tutor to advise on academic and pastoral matters; the Tutors who look after our international pupils take a particular interest in the well-being of these pupils who are often a long way from their homes and families.












A blue cross is the background of the shield, as it is appropriate for a school named Christ College. In the centre of this larger cross is a black cross taken from the arms of Bishop Barlow of St David’s, who persuaded King Henry VIII to found the College of Christ of Brecknock in 1541.



The school badge, with its “H” surmounted by a crown, is included within the shield and commemorates the Royal Founder.



The tower at the base of the crest is a reference to Queen Eleanor of Castile, whose own Arms contained a castle. She was the earliest known benefactor of the Friary of Saint Nicholas, on which the College stands.

紋章の中心にある塔は、城をあしらった紋章を持つエリナー・オブ・カスティル 王妃に因んでいます。彼女は、このカレッジの拠点である聖ニコラス修道院の後援者として最も古くから知られている人物です。


The tower is also an appropriate symbol to represent the strategic position of the school on the river Usk, guarding the approaches to Brecon town.



A lion comes from the top of the tower, this also being derived from the arms of Bishop Barlow. The lion is crowned, referring to the fact that Her Majesty the Queen is a visitor of the College. Around the shoulders of the lion is a red mantle trimmed with ermine, taken from the Arms of Brecon, for Christ College has been associated with the town for many hundreds of years.



The fish the lion holds in its paws is a pike (or luce) and this forms part of the Arms of Bishop Lucy, who did so much in the seventeenth century to restore the school after the depredations during the Commonwealth period.



The Arms are completed by decorative manteling from the helmet in the green and gold colours of the school, as well as the two shades of blue.



The College motto is taken from an ancient Latin text and though the meaning has had several interpretations, the sense of it means that “They are able who are seen to be able”.



The Coat of Arms was designed by the Windsor Herald and was the generous gift in 1975 of an Old Breconian, Wing-Commander Roy Griffiths.


from The Story of Christ College, Brecon

by Dr Bernard Knight